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The study: 

In recent times, farmers are facing difficulties in each sector such as plantation of trees, farms, gardens. After much hard work, satisfactory return on cost is not visible enough, make farmers upset. Farmers can’t see any prosperity in agricultural field. Irregular weather conditions, shortage of water and also the water being polluted and salty makes it difficult for agriculture. Sporadic rainfall create either flood or drought conditions. Due to all of these factors farmers are disturbed. Farming has become less interested profession and the new generations are choosing different professions by leaving farm works. Increased numbers of suicide cases reported within the farmer community. Much of the hard work and then less to no return force the farmers to sell their land, which has now ruined the farmers’ community.

Practice consultations:

It’s now a time for farmer friends to remind their glorious past, use their foresight and intellect to find the best solutions. Learn from the past experience and errors will be the best start. Knowledge and use of the ancient farming techniques i.e. nature prevailing agricultural practices, use of natural fertilizers and crop conservation techniques, planting seeds and harvesting based on star positioning (classical science) will dramatically change the results. 

Each season had its own Vedic Mathematics. The farmers had cultivated a religion of faith on earth and nature. Farmers were known as a father of mankind. Back then farming was rich and first of profession. Before generation to generation agriculture was very resourceful and farmers were rich by their knowledge, consultants were true and accommodating…… 

But in the next interim errors of tradition began. Foreign companies have created a trap of more production to enter into domestic markets. To earn more profits, the country's insatiable greedy and corrupt politicians have started selling urea, chemical fertilizers, drugs and other toxic chemicals. Several misleading temptation did severe damage to the farming industry. With this dirty hype, the poisons were sold as nectar (“AMRUT”). The foreign companies were successful in selling toxic materials to Indian market by giving large commissions and exotic foreign tours to politicians, stockists and large dealers. By joining a race to be reach, no one has thought about the damage these can make to the soil, farming and farmers. Agriculture experts have also joined the force to find an alternate of natural fertilizers. We have learned overtime that in a race to earn more profit and achieve larger production the mistakes were made and the damages were done.

Experienced impairment:

Uses of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides have damaged the soil and its fertility. Due to chemical reactions, both necessary and unnecessary microorganisms’ (bacteria) were stained. Unnecessary actions decelerated the soil organisms; this resulted in to deterioration of soil and fallen productivity. Ground water accumulation actions have tumbled. The myth of development brought agricultural devastation, brought down trees and destroyed forests. Satisfy the growing need of fruits and grains of the rising population are a burning question resulted into finding misleading remedies to achieve increased productions.

Essentially now is the time to explain truth and give knowledge to the next generation. Everybody should know that the orderly arrangement of a nature has been damaged and suffered a serious loss. Nature’s steered mechanisms are now ruined by the hasty and selfish decisions taken by greedy mankind. We have seen the outcome and now is the time to think of a solution.

Practice solution:

Five elements of earth and vegetation play a vital role in animate creation. Quoting a nice example of the places where we go for our holidays e.g. to the mountains, to the forests and natural reserves, where the flowering and trees have its own beauty and are healthily maintained by nature itself – “Magnificent demonstration of beauty and power both”. Nature has its own rules and mechanisms and no intervention from mankind. Any work undertaken by a mankind without the forward thinking and a creation of greed has destroyed the future. 

Agriculture, horticulture and forests that are managed as per nature’s rule book will never ever suffer any loss or damage. Five elements of earth are troubled and scattered because of the amateur behaviour of a mankind. Intuitive understanding of the nature and extensive use of traditional methods of treatment together collectively changes and preserves the natural environment. Mass movement and awareness of the consequences will bring the revolution. Many efforts were put in place to bring awareness and demonstrate the power of collective and co-operative model, which is written in the individual articles and also published by media. Scientists are now respecting the natural management and do undertake continuous researches and promote zero cost methods of farming. These only include the natural methods, which is essential to study and require suitable promotions. It is upmost necessary to provide these knowledge and understanding without any politics to frustrated and desperate farmers to help them produce a better quality crops. Integrated power management will automatically assist the nature.

Suggestion: In this regard, we will focus on the five elements and the working methods of vegetation. Though all of which are much known, however this brief study will be much needed before I convey the most important studies of the five elements and microorganisms and use of its powers.

1.   Water [Water Element]

Water is the elixir of life. Agriculture gets water from rain and irrigation.  It is important to retain and maintain a balance of water and humidity in the soil, which will help the agriculture and plantations. Regular rain is required to maintain adequate humidity and plants and trees plays a vital role in that. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and adapt the different techniques of trees and water conservation. Rainforest trees draw water through the rain, accumulate and soil through their roots and maintain humidity. No trees, no rain and drought everywhere. Irregular rainfall becomes a cause of earthquakes. For rainwater harvesting, when rain comes - well, lake and bore wells are required to be available for accumulation of rain water. By building more and more check dams, water can be accumulated and brought to the farms for irrigation. We should plant more and more trees to bring more rains and accumulate for agriculture irrigation. These will also maintain the water level in bore wells, lakes, river and soil. Farming will become richer. We can save water by using drip irrigation and other true irrigation methods. “Save water and water will save us”. Plants and trees are very important to maintain the water element.


2.   Land [The ground element]

The land is an important element of the five elements. The land is much needed and is not just to sell to earn money, it is important to take care of it. We have given a status of “Mother” to the earth, therefore we called her “Mother Earth” and we are her children. We have some duties to fulfil for our “Mother Earth”. The farmers should not use any drugs or chemicals containing toxic pesticides or chemical fertilisers in farm soil. Frequent use of chemical fertilisers will damage the land profile and also destroy the natural organic actions and necessary microorganisms, which will impaired the land fertility. Vegetation is upmost necessary to boost these natural organic actions, which then maintain the land fertility and retain moisture. The land which gives us so much of production and shelter must be protected by all means and we should rather work towards accelerating the power of “Mother Earth”. Thus everyone must plant trees on the ridges around the farm.


3.   Light [Sun Element]

Light from the sun is very important element for the soul of the universe on earth. Such as water and soil, sunlight is very essential to life. The sun cleans bacterial contamination from the atmosphere and keeps it clean. Plants and trees make food and develop vegetation through photosynthesis action. No trees, no Plants = no life. Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide and provide us oxygen, which is very essential for life. . This action keeps a balanced environment. Soil microorganisms and natural organic process require moisture and humidity which will be catered through sunlight. Clouds bring rain and sunlight is very essential to build clouds by vaporising the sea water. Thus the microbial and released energy of sun gives power and life to earth. Development and use of solar power to run devices can save energy. Coordination of overt and subtle elements is very important to balance the climate cycle.


4.   Wind [Air Element]

Air is an important element of life to live on earth. Air is a mixture of several gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide etc.. Balancing of all these gases in the atmosphere is very necessary otherwise pollution is likely to cause damage. Biological pollution is caused by the destruction of vegetation, horticulture and agriculture. Plants and trees are necessary to refine the atmosphere. Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make their own food and releases oxygen back into the air, which maintains the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere. Plant trees on the surrounding of the farms and protect the forests. Plant trees to get protection from excessive winds. Wind power is essential to generate electricity using a windmill and all of the farm tools and devices can be accessed through this energy. 


5.   Sky [Sky Element]

The fifth and most important element to disclose the basis of all other elements and micro power source and means of energy is sky. The vast universe is governing all elements of power. Sun, moon, air, planets, stars, constellations, cloud, rain, everything is managed from here. We believe the space is the origination place of God and evidence of its creation. Thus humans from every religion pray to their God by looking at sky, believing the guardian and creator of the universe is in the sky. Space powers are revealed, i.e. sun, cloud, rain, planets, stars, moon, eclipses all have direct and long term impacts. Since ancient times all Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas evidence the existence of micro powers and energies. We must believe with upmost faith, because it is the ultimate knowledge of science and all scientist and scholars have gradually began to believe in it. This is evidenced through the grand and rich past of ancient “Bharat (India)”.


6.   Vegetation Element

The element of vegetation is the most important component and element along with the above mentioned five elements. It is most vital to the overall universe. Vegetation, trees, including seasonal crops, pulses, oil based vegetables and medicinal herbs are the main crops have their countless uses. Vegetation provides food, vegetables, fruits, medicines and fabrics, materials to construct and furnish houses and culture and wealth of knowledge. The trees are silent sage monks. We saw earlier that the vegetation helps water bringing rain, the accumulation of rainwater in the soil, the soil protection, prevents soil erosion, provides an environment to make natural fertilizer from its own leaves and fruits, provide shade and sheltering to many animals, birds and living creatures, provide homes and protection and also provide different ways to earn more monies to human kind. Very precious saffron, flowers, fragrance and excellent natural chemicals and colours are also derived from vegetation. Even after receiving immense benefits, mankind destroys vegetation and invite the destruction of mankind. Trees are like sage monks and give everything without expecting anything from mankind. They do not expect any services from us and preserved by nature automatically. However we still ruin their existence. Mythology has since explained the use and importance of trees and it was the voice of religion too. We worshiped many trees such as sandalwood, shreeparni, holy basil and ficus religiosa (Peepal) and we use it right. Trees are an important and essential element of nature management, which require protection. “Plant a lot of trees and bring prosperity”.


Summary and Explanation:

A study of essays on the six elements intent to make farmers understand that the farms are their universe and they are bound to regulate it naturally using these six elements, which will increase the richness in itself.


Planning of planting the vegetation by following the position of stars, constellation, direction and accumulations and use of micro energy and power of nature will lead to reduce the cost and efforts in undertaking horticulture and natural farming activities. Agriculture will be the ultimate source of happiness, prosperity and satisfaction. This is why it is really significant to protect the elements of nature. 


Farming is a business where every part of the product is useful. After harvesting crops and fruits, the remaining will be used to feed cattle. We get organic fertilisers from cattle and the use of this fertiliser in farming will preserve the land fertility. Accumulation of rain water in wells, lake or bore wells in the farms will be used for the cultivation and use of kitchen and other activities. Farmers should understand the land profile and also consider planning for protection against the wind before planting the trees.


Farmers should work in cooperation with the farmers’ community. They should worship the trees and avoid harming living organisms in the farms. Some divine creatures such as cow and snakes should be protected to get their micro power and blessings. This should be believed without any logic and superstition. Farmers are thus fully sufficient and prosperous. 


Reminded of a nice Ghazal sung by late Mr Jagjit Singh from his album

Cry for Cry (1995)…

अब मैं राशन की क़तारों में नज़र आता हूँ

अपने खेतों से बिछड़ने की सज़ा पाता हूँ

इतनी महंगाई के बाज़ार से कुछ लाता हूँ

अपने बच्चों में उसे बाँट के शरमाता हूँ

अपनी नींदों का लहू पोंछने की कोशिश में

जागते जागते थक जाता हूँ सो जाता हूँ

कोई चादर समझ के खींच ना ले फिर से 'ख़लील'

मैं कफ़न ओढ़ के फुटपाथ पे सो जाता हूँ

-ख़लील धनतेजवी


Farmer is called the father and is today the world’s most troubled person. Once known as “અનદાતા” is now the most stranded and desperately require true guidance, help and support to bring back his prosperity. Farmers need to develop self-awareness and share amongst the farmers’ community, underline the power and restore the successes. 

In my second article, I’ll show you the remediation and solving methods, which will be effectively a key to success of the rich farming and horticulture and a way forward to get the success in the cultivation and enrichment through accumulation of depictions of overt and subtle powers. 


Dakshesh Inamdar